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In 2000 the Lloyd Foundation awarded $35,000 for the creation of a memorial to John at the Stony Point Center, a national Presbyterian conference center located in New York's Lower Hudson River Valley. John's cousin had served as the Center's executive director for many years, and John felt the strength of a supportive community within the Center's peaceful confines.

At the dedication ceremony for the John M. Lloyd Meditation Space (pictured at left) at the Stony Point Center, John's cousin, Jim Palm suggested that an even better way to honor John's memory would be to convene an annual AIDS conference at Stony Point. The Center's current executive director fully embraced the idea and immediately offered to donate meals, lodgings and ground transportation for such a project. The Foundation's Board decided to award an annual grant of $20,000 for a think tank at Stony Point that would gather small groups of experts in the field of HIV/AIDS to spend a weekend working on a specific pressing concern related to the HIV pandemic.

Over the past five years the Foundation in partnership with the Stony Point Center has sponsored scientists, doctors, government officials, activists, experts, community leaders, clergy, funders, and people living with HIV/AIDS to convene to find solutions to some key dilemmas driving the pandemic.and to change the world.

In 2007 the grant was increased to $30,000 to allow for the increased cost of transportation. In 2008 the Foundation will award $50,000; $30,000 of which will be designated for the planning and transportation expenses, while the additional $20,000 will help the grantee to follow up on the ideas and plans that arise from the conference.

A request for proposals is sent annually to a group of Lloyd Foundation grantees and other leading organizations in the HIV/AIDS field.

For more information about past conferences, click on the links below.

2011: Optimizing the Potential of ARV-based Prevention

2010: From Theory to Practice- Refining US HIV Surveillance Systems through the Use of Social Determinants

2009: Bridging the Gap Between HIV/AIDS and Primary Health Care Conference: To bring together leading advocates in AIDS and primary health care fields to share knowledge and form an important collaboration

2008: Project UNSHACKLE: To create an ongoing national movement to expand HIV prevention justice in the criminal justice system

2007: Agenda for Research and Advocacy on the Expansion of HIV Testing

2006: Pushing Back: New ideas to Counter the Ideological Assault on Science-based HIV/AIDS Prevention

2005: Global AIDS Activist Leadership Summit

2004: The Black AIDS Mobilization Initiative

2003: Clinical Research in Service of the Public Health: Health Services, Outcomes and Operational Research Abroad -- Setting an Agenda for Action

2002: The Health Action AIDS Campaign

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