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The John M. Lloyd Foundation was created in 1991 by John Musser Lloyd (1948-1991) to seek solutions to the AIDS epidemic ravaging the world. He believed that the AIDS crisis was due increasingly to lack of wisdom, compassion, and common sense within our community, rather than to a lack of medical knowledge.

Wisdom, humor, and compassion were essential qualities of John M. Lloyd. He believed in seeking the root causes of problems, rather than merely treating their symptoms. As a boy growing up in Libertyville, Illinois, he spoke of wanting to leave the world a better place than he had found it. This drive imbued many of his activities - from working at a community housing project in the inner city, to teaching meditation techniques, to his concern for the care of people living with AIDS.

A graduate of Taft School and the University of Illinois, he also worked as a commodities broker and investment manager. In 1990, John Lloyd married Heidi Mage. In February 1991, he passed away due to complications of the AIDS virus.

John M. Lloyd's concern for others and his commitment to seeking positive solutions to pressing problems characterize the work of the Foundation. His life was dedicated to making a positive impact on our world, and his legacy carries on this vision.

To view a time line of the AIDS pandemic and the Lloyd Foundation's history, please click here.


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