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The John M. Lloyd Foundation honors John's contribution to our world by awarding more than $400,000 in small grants each year to organizations around the world, supporting organizations and projects that demonstrate critical and creative thinking about the root causes of HIV/AIDS, and that seek solutions that are compassionate and courageous.

In 2006 the John M. Lloyd Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary and the Board took the opportunity to both reflect on the Foundation's history and to strategize how the Foundation's future grants might have greater impact. This process has led to a restructuring of the Foundation's programs with the goal to provide deeper and more targeted support to those individuals, projects, and organizations that are leading the fight to end the pandemic and whose work matches one or more of the Foundation's four funding objectives.

The Foundation gives preference to organizations and projects that advocate for evidence-based policies, those that mobilize awareness and support for AIDS programs, and those that employ innovation to battle the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The Foundation's specific funding objectives are:

  1. To increase funding from public and private sectors to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic, both globally and domestically.

  2. To improve domestic and international policies:
    a. to apply universal protections of human rights to issues concerning HIV/AIDS,
    b. to expand access to HIV/AIDS healthcare and treatment, and
    c. to ensure access to accurate information about HIV/AIDS.

  3. To amplify global awareness of HIV/AIDS and to facilitate broad-based change in attitudes to reduce stigma and change behavior.

  4. To develop the leadership of organizations that fight HIV/AIDS; as well as to foster collaborations among those organizations and leaders.


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