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2008: Project UNSHACKLE: To create an ongoing national movement to expand HIV prevention justice in the criminal justice system

In May of 2008, Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP) in partnership with the John M. Lloyd Foundation will host the seventh annual John M. Lloyd AIDS Project at Stony Point Center.

CHAMP will launch Project UNSHACKLE (Uniting A Network on Sentencing and HIV/AIDS with Community Knowledge Leading our Efforts) at this conference. The Project brain trust will be a unique mix of formerly incarcerated people, grassroots leaders, researchers, HIV policy advocates, prison reform and other social justice organizers, coalition-building veterans and potential funders. The Project will draw expertise from these diverse areas of work and paradigms of understanding to create a fertile environment in which to:

  • Kickstart an ongoing national movement, building on and expanding existing networks for HIV prevention justice in and about the criminal justice system;
  • Provide practical guidance and tools for local, statewide and national stakeholders to initiate or expand prevention justice advocacy on incarceration issues; and
  • Evaluate the challenges and success of the project in policy change goals and leadership development.

Front row: Coco J., Cynthia Chandler, Rose Braz, Mary Sylla, Michael Rhein and Megan McLemore
Second row: Leon A. King II, Cynthia Totten, Deon Haywood, Rev. Doris Green,
Cathy Olufs, Laura McTighe and Bob Estrin
Third row: Paul Heroux, Sharif Sawires, Sam Morales, Loren Jones, Jackie Walker,
Kenyon Farrow, Shana Griffin, James Learned and Melanie Havelin

For a complete list of participants, click here.
The interim report on this conference is available here.

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