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2006: Pushing Back: New ideas to Counter the Ideological Assault on Science-based HIV/AIDS Prevention - Participants

Sean Barry, Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)

Paul Davis, Health Gap

Naina Dhingra, Advocates for Youth

Ann Hanson, United Church of Christ

Debra Hauser, Advocates for Youth

Marcela Howell

Jodi Jacobson, Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE)

Matt Kavanaugh, Global Justice / Student Global AIDS Campaign

Rob Keithan, Unitarian Universalist Association

Jose Marco, ACT UP Philly

Oliver Martin III, United Church of Christ / United Church of Christ AIDS Network

Crystal Plati, Choice USA

Bill Smith, SIECUS

Aimee Thorne-Thompsen MPA, Pro-Choice Public Education Project

Bob Tracy, Minnesota AIDS Project

James Wagoner, Advocates for Youth


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