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2006 Awards
In 2006, the John M. Lloyd Foundation awarded the following grants totaling more than $410,000:

NOTE: The projects below that fall outside the foundation's funding objectives were discretionary grants for which no application is possible.

Advocates for Youth $20,000
To bring together a select group of U.S.-based organizations to craft a strategy to "push back" against the ideological assault on science-based HIV prevention programs. **See John M. Lloyd AIDS Project at Stony Point Center.
African Solutions to African Problems $2,500
For general support to identify and partner with existing community based organizations (CBOs) that have developed comprehensive strategies and solutions to care for orphans and vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) $20,000
To strengthen and support the empowerment of people living with HIV/AIDS and their communities to build an enabling environment for the enforcement of the right to health in the Southern African Development Community (14 sub-Saharan African nations).
AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGiS) $10,000
To facilitate access to current and specific HIV/AIDS information via state-of-the-art technology and to preserve for future generations a global history of the pandemic with an historical news and treatment database.
AIDS Project Los Angeles $500
For general support of APLA in the development and provision of multidisciplinary, cost effective initiatives designed to stop HIV transmission and to reduce the human suffering caused by HIV disease in Los Angeles.
Ariel's Children's Clubs $5,000
To provide meals for children in Uganda while they and/or their mothers received AIDS treatment.
Artists for a New South Africa $10,000
For two campaigns in partnership with PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) Watch to mobilize grassroots support of the PATHWAY Act of 2006, and the US global arm of the Prevention Now! Campaign.
Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) $10,000
To mobilize women in and/or representing key U.S. communities to promote rights and health-based policies and programs in U.S. international policies and programs.
Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP) $20,000
To improve public policies and research on HIV prevention through training, leadership development, strategy coordination and mobilization.
Council on Foreign Relations $15,000
For support of Council Senior Fellow Laurie Garrett's book project which will look at the global surveillance, governance, and prevention capacity of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and avian flu.
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation $20,000
For an advocacy campaign in support of increased U.S. federal funding for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV internationally.
Family Care International $10,000
To build the capacity of grassroots and community-level activists in sub-Saharan Africa to advocate for the implementation of government policies to meet young people's reproductive and sexual health needs.
Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria $20,000
To advocate to increase the U.S. commitment to the United Nation's Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis and to the fight against the three diseases.
Global Justice $20,000
For a grassroots campaign to push decision-makers to take the actions needed to reach universal access to HIV/AIDS treatment by 2010.
Guttmacher Institute $20,000
To counter misinformation and negative policy developments in the U.S. through rapid response, idea generation, message framing and capacity-building activities.
The Millennium Promise Alliance, Inc. $7,500
To work alongside some of the world's most impoverished citizens in Nyawara, Kenya to implement science-based interventions and targeted investments in areas that include health, agriculture, and physical infrastructure.
Ms. Foundation for Women $20,000
To support the National Women and AIDS Collective and its work to advocate for policies and services that meet the needs of women living with HIV/AIDS in the US.
National AIDS Fund $500
For general support of the National AIDS Foundation to continue its work building collaborations among and providing support to corporations, government agencies, foundations, researchers, local HIV/AIDS consortia, community-based organizations and people living with HIV/AIDS.
National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA) $10,000
To engage a larger audience of HIV+ individuals in the process of shaping effective HIV Public Policy on a Federal level.
The Nkosi Johnson AIDS Foundation $5,000
For all school fees, school uniforms, and specialized therapy for AIDS-affected children living at Nkosi's Havens in South Africa.
Outreach Africa $5,000
To develop a new directly observed therapy program for HIV/AIDS in rural Botswana.
Partners In Health (PIH) $15,000
To develop and produce French and Spanish versions of the 2nd edition of the PIH Guide to the Community-Based Treatment of HIV in Resource-Poor Settings, a critical tool in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, and to distribute all three versions.
Physicians for Human Rights $20,000
To mobilize U.S. health professionals to support a comprehensive, international AIDS strategy and advocate for the allocation of resources consistent with the best public health and human rights principles to combat the disease.
Population Action International $20,000
To research and document the impact of U.S. foreign assistance on sexual and reproductive health services in the developing world, including those pertaining to HIV/AIDS prevention.
Sexuality, Information, and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) $20,000
To ensure that U.S. educators have the knowledge and tools to deliver comprehensive and medically accurate information about HIV prevention, sexuality, and reproductive health to young people through developing online resources at www.SexEdLibrary.org.
Sonke Gender Justice Network $20,000
To write and produce digital stories that chronicle the life trajectories of activists in South Africa and that will serve to educate and inspire others to take action to challenge the gender inequalities driving the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Stop HIV/AIDS in India Initiative $15,000
To protect and promote global access to HIV/AIDS generic medicines produced in India by influencing the Indian and international polices.
Tides Center - HIV Collaborative Fund $15,000
To support advocacy, education and mobilization to increase access to comprehensive and equitable HIV care and support in developing countries.
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees $4,000
For a regional workshop September 13-15, 2006 in South Africa on HIV testing and counseling, for 30-40 participants from NGOs, government and other key organizations.
University of California Los Angeles $20,000
To bring together key Southern Africa regional business leaders with academic researchers and policymakers to examine the available evidence and build coalitions to evaluate the efficacy and impact of business involvement in HIV/AIDS prevention and care.
University of California San Francisco $10,000
To make select "Knowledge Base" chapters on HIV care from UCSF's HIV InSite web site made available throughout the world in CD-ROM format.


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