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2005 Awards
In 2005, the John M. Lloyd Foundation awarded the following grants totaling more than $400,000:

NOTE: The projects below that fall outside the foundation's funding objectives were discretionary grants for which no application is possible.

Acadiana C.A.R.E.S $5,000
To provide immediate food, medication, housing, and other services for HIV+ evacuees of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, and for the coordination of long-term services.
ACLU Foundation - AIDS Project $10,000
For outreach to people with HIV in the U.S., and to use an innovative approach to find stories to develop litigation and advocacy in the target areas of discrimination in employment, parenting, prisons and jails, and residential facilities.
Advocates for Youth $20,000
To expand the outreach of the Young Women of Color Council via national, state and local-level workshops, media outreach, policy-maker education, and placing young women of color in the U.S. on decision making bodies (e.g. HIV community planning groups).
African Solutions to African Problems $5,000
For a general support grant to identify and partner with existing community based organizations (CBOs) that have developed comprehensive strategies and solutions to care for orphans and vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
AIDS Project Los Angeles $2,500
For general support of APLA in the development and provision of multidisciplinary, cost effective initiatives designed to stop HIV transmission and to reduce the human suffering caused by HIV disease in Los Angeles.
The Black AIDS Institute $2,500
To print additional copies of the Black AIDS Institute's first annual State of AIDS in Black America report, The Time is Now!
Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technologies (CIMIT) $5,000
For a September 2005 conference bringing together key stakeholders - foundations and social and traditional venture capitalists - to evaluate strategies and innovative funding mechanisms based on the social venture capital model and to determine the model's usefulness for investing in global health products.
CIDA Foundation $20,000
For CIDA college students to teach life skills and HIV/AIDS prevention and management in their own former high schools, located in 400 communities throughout South Africa.
Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP) $20,000
For the Strategy Lab for HIV Prevention to improve public policies and research on HIV prevention through training, leadership development, strategy coordination and mobilization in the U.S.
Council on Foreign Relations $20,000
To analyze the use of shipping containers as durable, easily transportable, and cost-effective health clinics to deliver a selected range of infectious disease health services (including HIV treatment and prevention) to under-served communities in resource poor countries.
Gay Men's Health Crisis $16,710
To advocate for an implementation of the new Medicare law that will ensure access to medications for people living with HIV/AIDS.
Global AIDS Alliance $20,000
Global AIDS Activist Leadership Summit: a conference for strategic planning, networking and skills development. **See John M. Lloyd AIDS Project at Stony Point Center.
Global Health Council $5,000
For travel expenses to Global Health Council's "Optimizing the Faith-based Response to HIV/AIDS" workshop in Italy, September 2005.
Global Justice / Student Global AIDS Campaign $19,965
To increase the policy impact of Global Justice's Student Global AIDS Campaign and to solidify the capacity of its grassroots organizing, following on its successful Student March Against AIDS and expansion to 80 chapters nationwide.
Global Strategies for HIV Prevention $5,000
For general support of Global Strategies work implementing international strategies to prevent HIV infection by means of strategic alliances.
Human Rights Watch $20,000
For the HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Program, which documents human rights abuses and engages in high-level advocacy toward curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS worldwide.
International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission $15,000
To engage in research and advocacy related to two areas of U.S. HIV policy: (1) the HIV immigration ban, and (2) aspects of U.S. foreign aid policy that exclude or fail to serve the needs of key vulnerable populations, particularly sexual minorities.
Mildmay International, Ltd. $5,000
For general support of the Mildmay Centre in Uganda which provides tertiary specialist HIV/AIDS care for adults and children, together with training in a range of HIV/AIDS related topics.
Ms. Foundation for Women $20,000
For the Women and AIDS Fund, supporting organizations that advocate for policies and services to meet the needs of women living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S., and to bridge local activists to the national policy arena.
National AIDS Fund $2,500
For general support of the National AIDS Foundation to continue its work building collaborations among and providing support to corporations, government agencies, foundations, researchers, local HIV/AIDS consortia, community-based organizations and people living with HIV/AIDS.
New Mexico AIDS Services $5,000
For general support of New Mexico AIDS Services which provides innovative & comprehensive services, support, and prevention education for people with HIV/AIDS in New Mexico.
Pathfinder International $20,000
To bring attention to the shortcomings of U.S. policies and international HIV/AIDS programs to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, especially among women.
Physicians for Human Rights $20,000
For the Health Action AIDS Campaign to mobilize health professionals to inform the U.S. response to the global AIDS pandemic.
Population Action International $20,000
To research and document the impact of U.S. foreign assistance on sexual and reproductive health services in the developing world, including those pertaining to HIV/AIDS prevention.
SATELLIFE, Inc. $15,000
To develop an AIDS PDA - a handheld computer pre-loaded with essential information for treating HIV/AIDS, to be distributed to healthcare workers in the developing world and containing software and electronic forms for data collection & patient tracking.
Solidarity and Action Against the HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) $15,000
To strengthen the response against HIV/AIDS in India by building leadership at the institutional and community level, raising financial and technical resources, improving information and resource sharing, as well as fundraising and promoting awareness among the Indian population in the U.S.
Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS $15,000
To mobilize senior Ukranian legislators and policy leaders to develop and strengthen the Ukraine's HIV/AIDS policy and budgetary expenditures.
Treatment Action Campaign $20,000
To educate key Treatment Action Campaign volunteer members throughout the provinces on broad political, social, and economic issues relevant to the current struggle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic and for access to treatment, as well as to build strong grassroots leaders in South Africa.
Treatment Action Group $15,000
To convene a meeting of international scientists and activists to plan HIV community involvement in forthcoming studies of new TB drugs, and will publish a report on its results.
University of California Los Angeles $20,000
To bring together key international leaders to anticipate the policy and practice implications of the Pre-exposure prophylaxis (for HIV/AIDS prevention) research currently underway, to facilitate rapid planning and effective implementation of these programs.


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