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2001 Awards
In 2001 the Foundation awarded over $400,000 to various organizations.

Public Policy
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation $20,000
Public policy advocacy initiatives targeting newly elected policymakers in Washington, D.C. for education on HIV/AIDS issues
Gay Men's Health Crisis $10,000
Brazil: What Went Right- Examining One Country's Solutions to Providing AIDS Drugs to its HIV+ Citizens: a policy discussion exploring Brazil's highly successful program providing medication and treatment to Brazilians with HIV/AIDS
Global Justice / Student Global AIDS Campaign $20,000
CCAP- Connecting Campuses to the AIDS Pandemic: to develop effective youth advocates and unleash the power of the American youth movement to fight HIV/AIDS
The Hastings Center $10,000
Support for workshops to address the challenges faced by African health care workers to ensure that ethical, legal, and human rights aspects are integrated into the various responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa
International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission $20,000
HIV & Human Rights Project: to monitor human rights violations against those living with HIV/AIDS and to increase access to treatment
International Training Congress for Medical Students $5,000
International Training Conference for Medical Students which took place August 4-12, 2001 in Denmark: to support a 9-day workshop on "AIDS and Poverty" training medical student leaders from around the world
New England Medical Center Hospitals / Tufts University $20,000
The Ethical Dilemma of International Research - Local Relevance Versus Universal Medical Standards: to determine the beliefs of various communities regarding key issues of international medical research ethics as they regard to HIV/AIDS in order to inform policy makers
Physicians for Human Rights $20,000
AIDS Campaign Fellowship: to hire a staff person to further develop PHR's campaign to educate and galvanize the American medical constituency to demand more generous public and private funding to combat the global AIDS pandemic
Sub-total $125,000

Advocates for Youth $18,000
Young People and HIV Vaccine Trials: Promoting a Solution through Youth Involvement - to encourage the research community to involve young people in HIV vaccine research
AIDS Education Global Information System $20,000
To hire a content assistant for the expansion of the Global Network HIV/AIDS Information website
Cornell University $20,000
Intensive Training Program in Health Services Research and Clinical Epidemiology in South Africa: to identify and train physicians from under-served communities to ask and answer clinical questions that lead to progressive improvements in HIV/AIDS health care services for their communities
Global Strategies for HIV Prevention $5,000
Women's Satellite Meeting of the 3rd Conference on Global Strategies, September 8-14, 2001 in Uganda: to train community advocates on HIV prevention and care
Link Media, Inc. $12,500
HIV/AIDS in Africa - funding for media reports to be broadcast on Worldlink TV (available via satellite dish) around World AIDS Day - December 1, 2001
Raindog Films, Inc. $20,000
No Distance Too Far: A documentary film of the California AIDS Ride 8 promoting realistic awareness of HIV/AIDS
Solidarity Against the HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) $15,000
Mapping and networking of various HIV/AIDS services in India to build collaborations among various sectors including Indian government agencies, international government agencies working in India, and Indian civil society
University of California San Francisco $20,000
Development of CD-rom to disseminate information about prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV in developing countries
World YWCA $20,000
The YWCA Programme on HIV/AIDS - Africa Strategy: specifically addressing the gender issues and the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls
Sub-total $150,000

African American AIDS Policy & Training Institute $20,000
Black MSM Prevention Program: to hire an HIV Specialist to develop better strategies to deliver prevention messages to young, gay, African American men, who have experienced a dramatic rise in new HIV infections
Global Strategies for HIV Prevention - Kenya $15,000
Support for Community-based Health Care Workers following Integrated Training Workshops: to offer follow-up training and support for community health care workers to combat HIV/AIDS in Kenya
Los Angeles Free Clinic $15,000
Project ABLE (Adolescent Beliefs Learned through Education): an innovative HIV prevention program that uses a peer-education model to reach at-risk youth throughout Los Angeles
National AIDS Fund $15,000
Harm Reduction Initiative: to increase and support national needle exchange programs and efforts to alter policies restricting needle exchange throughout the United States
REACH L.A. $10,000
The Internet Outreach Project: youth-driven web site to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among at-risk youth in Los Angeles
Sahaya International, Inc. $20,000
To link existing education and skills training programs with new HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention projects in rural India
Sub-total $95,000

Medical Research
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center $15,000
In support of research in Cameroon to learn more about the evolution and spread of HIV by studying needle re-use
Sub-total $15,000


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